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Aluminum Rollup Shading

Sunlight penetrating the greenhouse glass gets trapped and causes heat to accumulate - "The Greenhouse Effect". Heat is absorbed by surfaces under the glass, for example: the floor or the shading underneath the glass, causing heat build up inside the greenhouse. In the winter this is not objectionable, as the space is being heated anyway. During the Spring, Fall and Summer when plants are in this enclosed area, this heat should be minimized by exterior shading. Shading should be installed on the outside to reflect the sun's rays before they get through the glass.

MODELPrice per Row
Full Length
63% Shade
Price per Row
To Eave or
Bot. of Curve
Price per Row
Vent only
RG 600$260.00$140.00$57.00
RG 800$269.00$150.00$57.00
RG 900$282.00$162.00$57.00
RG 1000$296.00$176.00$57.00
RG 1300$324.00$205.00$57.00
RG 1600$371.00$252.00$57.00
RG 1900$417.00$298.00$57.00
RG 2200$460.00$340.00$57.00
RG 2500$506.00$386.00$57.00
RGL 600$162.00$102.00$29.00
RGL 800$186.00$126.00$29.00
RGL 900$209.00$150.00$29.00
RGL 1100$230.00$170.00$29.00


For 80% shading - add 20% to base price.
For painted bronze or white finish - add 30%.
For custom lengths based on 18 1/2" rows add $14.00 per row foot.
For custom lengths and non-standard rows add $9.00 per square foot.

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