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Solar Envisions Mfg. Corp.

formerly Everlite Greenhouses, is a leading manufacturer of quality greenhouse products for over 40 years. Everlite is proud to have offered our experience and expertise to an impressive number of clients in both commercial and residential markets. Our solarium and greenhouse designs have been tailored to the needs of museum and research centers, universities and health care facilities, and a wide crosssection of restaurants, hotels and residential properties.

Our product line includes:
  • Aluminum Curved and Straight Eave Solariums
  • Solid Mahogany Solariums and Conservatories with extruded aluminum exteriors
  • Skylights and Curtainwall Systems
  • Commercial Doors, Windows and Storefronts

  • Aluminum Products

    We offer both curved eave and straight eave greenhouse and solarium units. Solar Envisions invented the aluminum curved eave greenhouse and today offers the widest array of choices available from a single source. The aluminum product is available in three design formats; Skylight, Sunroom, or Horticultural.

    Whether your site would benefit from a curved or straight-eave solarium unit,

    Solar Envisions has the product for you. Solid design and unequalled manufacturing standards have made the aluminum unit from Solar Envisions a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. Sizes, options and accessories are nearly limitless within each design format.

    Wooden Products

    Developed in 1986 in response to inquiries for a product with more texture and vitality than aluminum, Solar Envisions has created a structure whose warmth and feeling can be tailored to meet any kind of requirement. The limitation of the wooden product is solely the customers imagination. We do not produce a wooden curved-eave because curved wooden beams have a tendency to delaminate and fracture .

    The designs and materials were chosen after extensive research. We build a solarium manufactured from Brazilian Mahogany which is structurally sound, dense and finely grained. Solar Envisions can provide a product made from lumber to meet almost any specification and grade. Some examples are White or Red Oak, Black Walnut, Pennsylvania Cherry, Canadian Coastal Cedar, California Redwood and certain exotics like Zebra, Bubinga and Rosewood.

    The wood product maintains the same basic design and construction format as found throughout our successful aluminum product line. Thus, many parts, especially glass, are common to both. The sharing of parts provides an economy of volume which allows our wooden products to be of unsurpassed quality, yet very price competitive.


    As an alternative to aluminum framed greenhouses and solariums, Solar Envisions produces a complete line of Mahogany framed conservatories.

    The distinctive Victorian design manifests exquisite detailing. The striking side-wall framing of Brazilian Mahogany is supplied finished in clear lacquer or any color of your choice. Unless otherwise requested, all glass is bronze or gray, insulated glass with an overall thickness of one inch. There are no exposed fasteners in the system - either on the interior or exterior.

    Solar Envisions offers custom manufacturing

    This is in response to the demand for varied design formats in both Residential and Commercial applications, making design, size and shape nearly limitless. With the addition of 12 standard colors to our line, your choices from our custom products are certain to fit any style of architecture.

    If you are ready for the ultimate in sundrenched living, Solar Envisions conservatory and solarium products are ready for you.

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