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Conservatories and Solariums manufactured by Solar Envisions represent the state of the art using stress graded structural lumber, thermally broken aluminum extrusions, insulated glass and modular construction techniques. Our standard models provide more than one thousand variations and allow us to deliver virtually any combination of lengths, depths, heights and roof pitches. We have essentially two formats for design. One has a straight gable, the other has a "bull nose" format - the conservatory.

Solar Envisions solariums feature wider expanses of glass than virtually any other similar product in the marketplace. Construction and installation are simple, fast and efficient.

The set of technical specifications which follow should be sufficient to meet the product definition requirements as set forth by virtually any code official:


Alloy: 6005 T-5 aluminum for most structural components. 6036 T-6 aluminum for most non-structural and aesthetic components.

The heat-treated profiles generally exceed the minimums for this alloy by a factor of 10%.
Minimums as defined by Architectural Aluminum Association are:39,000 psi ultimate 34,000 psi yield
Actual test ranges for Solar Envisions extrusions are:41,000 psi ultimate 37,000 psi yield
All materials have been tested for conformance to the specifications.


All flat and curved glass, unless otherwise specified, is nominally one inch (1") thick, insulated panels consisting of two 3/16" tempered or annealed lites with a 5/8" air space. Our glazing system allows the processing of insulated panels with virtually any combination of tempered, laminated or wire reinforced glass.

Engineering Specifications:

All Solar Envisions solariums are designed to withstand live loads (snow loads) of a minimum of 40 pounds per square foot ("psf") when subjected to a 20 psf windload and a 5.3 psf dead load. Actual capacity will vary in accordance to length, depth and height of the solarium chosen.

Design Specifications:

All Solar Envisions solariums feature rigid frame construction with a roof pitch of 14.75 degrees (3.16 inches rise in 12 inches run) and a 24" inside radius on the curved glass. The roof pitch on a standard conservatory is 30 degrees.

Internal gutters extruded into the aluminum provide the most advanced weeping system available.

All horizontal purlins are covered with snap-in glazing covers which improves appearance and also provides a low profile (1/16" above the surface of the glass) which eliminates the probability of leaks caused by water "damming" above the cap.

Glass is installed using double sided sticky, closed cell, foam tape which eliminates the need for heavy caulking.

All fasteners are 18.8 (non-magnetic) heat treated stainless steel or cadium plated. All gaskets are extruded from EPDM or neoprene.


Aluminum extrusions are finished with a PPG two-component urotec acrylic urethane enamel coating.

12 Standard Colors are available. All wooden parts are coated with a proprietary urethane or lacquer finish, after being processed using an acrylic sanding sealer. The wood is protected from environmental invasion immediately after fabrication and until the completed product is site prepared.


All structural members are stress graded, clear, straight grained mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla). Figured veneers and lumber are used in non-structural and decorative applications.


Several styles of windows are available. Sliding and French patio doors, as well as single swing doors are available.

Solar Envisions exterior solar shade screen systems are available.

Ventilation is available, as an option, featuring exhaust fans with approximately 950 cfm per unit floor capacity.

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